UrbanAge Homes Suburb CommunitiesUrbanAge Homes’ recent advanced workings include a variety of suburban styles and types – we spend a great amount of energy determining the right fit for our product. Once there we unleash the creative flow to modernize the hood. Recent advanced workings include RPL (Rear Laned Single-Family & Duplex Dwellings), RSL (Front Attached Garage Single-Family & Duplex Dwellings), Townhomes and Custom Estate Homes. Our core focus is a cutting edge architectural design that is modern is exterior and interior facade while utilizing our learnings and experience in the industry. We are a youthful brand and the progression will be perpetual to achieve the intended results.


UrbanAge Homes RuisseauRuisseau is surrounded by green space and mature trees, with a lifestyle all its own. Neighbours stop and chat. Kids play outside, roaming the community, best friends forever, getting fresh air and exercise.

The town of Beaumont thrives on providing an array of recreational facilities and park areas for your family to enjoy. You’ll discover all of the activities right outside your front door with the S&D Aqua-Fit Centre nearby and many more facilities within a short distance. Ruisseau in Beaumont provides you with the features to compliment your active lifestyle, plus a quiet retreat to plant your roots.

It’s a quieter, simpler life, just five minutes from Edmonton. Everything you want, or need, is within easy reach.

UrbanAge Homes Ruisseau Phase 1
UrbanAge Homes Ruisseau Phase 2
UrbanAge Homes Ruisseau Phase 3
UrbanAge Homes Ruisseau Neighbourhood Concept


Nestled in Spruce Grove’s eastern area, Fenwyck is destined to be the most sought after community in this growing, family oriented city. Situated near environmentally preserved wetlands and Alberta’s 540-acre Wagner Natural Area, this new development brings together the beauty and serenity of the great outdoors with the modern esthetics and amenities of the city.

Fenwyck’s stunning, timeless architecture and tranquil setting make it an ideal location to raise your family, invest in a first home or enjoy your retirement years in luxury. Homebuyers can look forward to inspiring walkout views, hiking trails and rich vegetation of Wagner Natural Area just steps away. This comfortably self-contained community is conveniently located just 11 minutes away from the City of Edmonton and will soon have direct access to Highway 16A via Pioneer Road (currently under construction).

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