Infills and Burbs

UrbanAge Homes has a major focus on two market segments in Edmonton and the surrounding communities – Infill and the Burbs. UrbanAge was founded to organically bring something fresh to both markets. Its’ in our genetics. The feeling was that the market was largely void of enough fresh concepts and that a holistic approach of combining the exterior & interior design components with quality and affordability was not available. Affordability tends to bring boring and cookie cutter concepts as builders strive to replicate to drive down costs. Sick design was accompanied by high costs. We are finding the balance. Finding ways to incorporate value and equity while building our homeowner’s legacies and our company’s at the same time with modern and cookie crushing design.


Going into the burbs allows us to push the boundaries and provide something not provided in that market. Something other than vanilla. Creation is a beautiful thing and it is our motivation to keep pushing these limits in the suburbs. One day these new communities will be mature ones…so why not be better, build better and create something that will stand the test of time in all facets – from building science to architectural design.


Infill is a changing beast that we have tamed – so many moving parts. For some it is more challenging to crush these multiple elements while construction is ongoing – tighter spaces for building, more traffic, more neighbours, more trees, more bylaws…these are all critical success determents to being a good neighbour/developer/builder; to being a good community member. Infill is the new in the old and creating our recent advanced workings from single-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, skinnies, and garage/garden suites, in these mature neighbourhoods provides us the opportunity to make an impact – there is nothing better than being a part of the evolution.


Building is our passion if you haven’t figured it out yet. We are addicted to pushing forward in every aspect.
UrbanAge Homes Mature Communities


UrbanAge Homes was founded to bleed our passion into the mature neighbourhoods of Edmonton


UrbanAge Homes Suburb Communities


UrbanAge’s recent advanced workings include RPL & RSL (single-family dwellings) and Duplexes in the burbs in the Edmonton and the surrounding region