What is infill housing?

In urban planning, infill is the re-dedication of land in an urban environment, usually open space, to new construction. Infill also applies within an urban policy to construction on any undeveloped land that is not on the urban margin. The slightly broader term “land-recycling” is sometimes used instead. Infill has been promoted as an economical use of existing infrastructure and a remedy for urban sprawl.

We acquire the lot and revitalize it with our modern homes (recent advanced workings). UrbanAge combats potential neighbourhood eyesores and creates modern living opportunities in beautiful, historic sections of the city. Infill development gives us the opportunity to offer you new homes in a wider range of neighbourhoods throughout the city, catering to your lifestyle, profession, interests and passions.

UrbanAge Homes believes that infill housing is an essential part of modern urban development. Home building inside of existing, approved subdivisions within cities involves direct communication with city planners. We work carefully to design and construct homes that best suit the existing character of a neighbourhood, and its evolving needs, all while providing the comforts and amenities expected of a modern home.

Infill in a Nutshell

Infill development is evolution. For UrbanAge Homes, it is perpetual improvement and adding its mark on the legacy of this growing city. It is being a good neighbour. Building responsibly. Building sick modern homes that will stand the test of time and be home to our passionate clients and homeowners.

Edmonton’s Infill Community

Infill development is being embraced by the city as an essential part of its’ maturation. High quality infill homes are a sign of a city looking to simultaneously celebrate and reinvigorate its’ neighbourhoods. UrbanAge is looking to step up the infill development game in Edmonton, producing the benchmark for beautiful modern infill and custom infill homes.

Infill and Skinny Homes

UrbanAge is all for the most modern in home design and development innovation. Our recent advanced workings include modern townhomes, duplexes, custom estate infills and skinnies – the skinny home – AKA the newest kid in class. Skinny homes are exactly that…skinny, built two to a lot: a whole new kind of single family home and a way of inviting more families into Edmonton’s most desirable, mature neighbourhoods through infill development. 

Building skinnies is challenging for some. Finding the balance of flow, function and amenities can be daunting for some builders and designers. Being one of the leaders in infill development within YEG, UrbanAge has created and dominated this key determinant of evolving infill in Edmonton. UrbanAge is one of the early movers to push these recent advanced skinnies into some of our sickest hoods however our vision is full of diversity and we love killing every aspect that makes up the YEG infill movement.

To Where & Who?

UrbanAge Homes have projects throughout YEG. Most mature hoods have an UrbanAge Homes experience. We are selective and responsible about our work – while many take on whatever comes across their plate, UrbanAge ensures the project and relationship will create a win-win for all parties involved.

We know we are not for everyone and by taking this responsible and methodical approach, we increase the chances of success. Our clients are progressive and change-agents. They yearn for something more. They revolt against vanilla and a world of accepting ordinary. We have planted our own seeds and our clients have taken us to different places in Edmonton’s Infill communities.

We build on client-owned land while other times we purchase the land ourselves and the clients find us. We offer completion mortgages or construction draw financing. Clients will leverage our infrastructure to avoid bookkeeping costs and supervision costs that are commonly added into the contract of many infill builds. There is no value in these costs so we don’t pass them along – our propositions are about our clients’ building a kickass home and/or an investor maximizing return on an investment. How does UrbanAge benefit – we continue to build our legacy.


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