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UrbanAge Homes is one of the few that can boast that we are owner-driven throughout all processes in building your home. Our entire field program is mined by company shareholders meaning your home will have an owner’s touch on it every step of the way. Our office processes and systems are also managed by company shareholders meaning that even the work behind the scenes is being managed and being cared for by principles.

Our partners have worked in all facets of the homebuilding industry from building to supplying & distribution and contracting, collectively boasting over 50+ years of experience.

We pride ourselves on being a boutique builder that can bring unique recent advanced workings to our marketplace. A critical component in any business or industry is relationship. Having our owners in all facets of our business helps provide our homeowners with a sense of comfort that their home is being treated with the utmost care and attention.

We have backed up our attention to detail with an extensive new home warranty program via Progressive Home Warranty. Every UAH home is covered with mandatory new home warranty and we recommend you contact them for a reference or report card on our workings.


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