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Building in the burbs is an exciting journey. There are several different options for you to find the UrbanAge Home that will provide you the lifestyle you yearn for. Some of the best things in life are kept as simple as possible. The first step has already occurred – you found us! We know we aren’t for everyone but come visit one of our Showhomes and find out for yourself if our recent advanced workings meet your expectations and vision for what modern living should entail. We encourage you to creep on us and see what kind of quality we place into these modern dwellings. Once at the Showhome, our team will help you find answers to all of your questions. We will provide you with both types of opportunities to live and breathe the UrbanAge lifestyle; pre-build or spec built. You can pick a model and your own interior and exterior selections from our many colorboards or you can find a spec home that is in the midst of construction and ready to move into quicker as per your needs. Our colorboards are heavily scrutinized by none other than our UAH familia. Our visions are brought to life through these colorboards and we could not be more stoked to share them with you and your own familia. At the Showhome we will also provide you with information on lot availability and timelines. We look forward to seeing you in Showhome!

The Idea

As industry passion maniacs ourselves, we know that behind any great set of plans and any great home is an equally great concept, with a vision to guide the project from inception to completion.

Ideas always precede revolutions. Our belief in simple ideas presenting themselves as the best solutions is expressed in our minimalist, function-oriented designs. Of course, the idea should reflect who it is you are and what it is you demand from your home or living space. Whether transforming a room in your existing home or creating a new custom home, a living space should reflect the unique character of the people who inhabit it: you and your family.

We understand that when updating a space created for a different generation, and a different world, simple solutions can be far from obvious. We listen carefully, and at length, to exactly what it is you need from your space. Good ideas are arrived at patiently; good ideas make for spaces both functional and stunning. Unique and effective ideas are the foundation of our process.

The Design

UrbanAge has been quick to establish our reputation as skilled and cutting edge designers of modern YEG homes. Our design team works to honour and stay true to the idea that inspired the project. Our modern designs emphasize clean lines, spaciousness, clarity and function. We strive to add curb appeal and value, not cost. Whether designing a space for modern professionals, creatives or the family home, our designs are made to support and affirm all that your modern life entails. We believe that the home is a canvas given life and color with UrbanAge designs.


Construction is the part of our process where your home begins to take recognizable shape. At UrbanAge Homes, only the highest quality of materials and industry-standard procedures are used. We believe that homes ought to be made to last; so, with quality and innovation in mind, we are building today’s modern homes to become the classic character homes of tomorrow.


With the project complete, all that’s left is to live in the space we have created for you. By seeing projects through their entire lifecycle – from potential land acquisition or subdivision, to inception and design, through to architecture and construction – we are confident that you will be as stoked as we are with the quality and liveability of the space that you will be proud to call Home.


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