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Everything extraordinary, nothing ordinary is the motto we stand by.

In a world trying to mould square pegs for square holes, we are calling for a rebellion.

We believe your home should be reppin’ your kicks, your vibes and your personal brand.

Building is a passion at UrbanAge Homes. It is not a widget; not simply a house or project but rather it forms part of our legacy. We specialize in building recent advanced workings, modern homes that fall outside the realms of being vanilla. Our contemporary home designs are inspired by modern minimalism that lends our living spaces breathability, flexibility and flow.

Modern home design is all about combatting congestion. Our response is to find ways of incorporating changing lifestyles in the burbs and mature neighbourhoods of Edmonton and the surrounding areas, and radically infuse into every aspect of an UrbanAge Home. Life is benchmarked on quality. A home should also rep this by finding ways to bring the outside in and provide a modern home that people love living in.

So if you also feel that housing needs a radical revolution to create something more…simply that…more. Take this journey of rebellion with UrbanAge Homes and find a way for your home to represent how you live your life.

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Infill Housing

What is infill housing?
In urban planning, infill is the re-dedication of land in an urban environment, usually open space, to new construction. Infill also applies within an urban policy to construction on any undeveloped land that is not on the urban margin. The slightly broader term “land-recycling” is sometimes used instead. Infill has been promoted as an economical use of existing infrastructure and a remedy for urban sprawl.

We acquire the lot and revitalize it with our modern homes (recent advanced workings). UrbanAge combats potential neighbourhood eyesores and creates modern living opportunities in beautiful, historic sections of the city. Infill development gives us the opportunity to offer you new homes in a wider range of neighbourhoods throughout the city, catering to your lifestyle, profession, interests and passions.

UrbanAge Homes believes that infill housing is an essential part of modern urban development. Home building inside of existing, approved subdivisions within cities involves direct communication with city planners. We work carefully to design and construct homes that best suit the existing character of a neighbourhood, and its evolving needs, all while providing the comforts and amenities expected of a modern home.

bike infront of a potential infill building
UrbanAge Homes Modern Burb Homes

The Burbs

Bringing modern advanced workings to the Burbs is an exciting element for UrbanAge. While the process of obtaining an UrbanAge Home in the Burbs may differ from the infill process, the result is the same – an opportunity to live in a modern home where every detail is mined by the principles of the company. Where the design and floorplans are structured for people that are tired of conventional, for those not willing to accept second-best, for those who want something that is largely not available elsewhere.

UrbanAge offers a variety of models to select from. Colorboards for interiors are pre-vetted whereby UrbanAge capitalizes on its’ experience and vision to compile material and colour relationships that lead to award-winning designs. Simply visit one of our Showhomes to learn more about how the process works and where you can get your hands on one.

UAH Infill Process

UrbanAge Homes take an approach that is radical and unique when creating these modern dwellings. In a process that is typically segregated, UrbanAge stands among the few who work concurrently in the planning, architecture, design and construction sectors to ensure our shanty’s are leading edge and pushing the revolution.

Our process begins with a meet & greet. We are unique and will always strive for continuous evolution with our homes and our internal processes. We may not be for everyone. We don’t do vanilla. We crush cookie cutters. If you are looking for something ordinary and mundane, we are not the best solution. However we believe that meeting with our prospective homeowners provides a great opportunity for both parties to determine if the fit is right; to ensure the journey is full of positive vibes and energy. We want a win-win process and love meeting people as passionate for their homes as we are.

Once it is go-time, we split our contract agreements into two separate agreements to help our clients feel comfortable with the process as opposed to feeling like they are signing their life away without plans and/or budgets.
The Pre-Construction process occurs first. This is comprised of all the permit package and banking requirements needed for the recent advanced working. Plans, General Specs, Budget, Permit Package requirements such as Blockface, Internal Lot Grading and Plot Plans are generated.

Now that all the planning is proceeding, clients now have all the required information to make a formal commitment to build their recent advanced working! The Construction Agreement kicks off the construction process whereby application for permits are submitted with the City and the interior selections process begins. It is an exciting time in the journey and we are stoked to take this journey with so many infill passionistas.

UrbanAge Homes Edmonton Infills
UrbanAge Homes Edmonton Modern Suburbs

UAH Burbs Process

Building in the burbs is an exciting journey. There are several different options for you to find the UrbanAge Home that will provide you the lifestyle you yearn for. Some of the best things in life are kept as simple as possible. The first step has already occurred – you found us! We know we aren’t for everyone but come visit one of our Showhomes and find out for yourself if our recent advanced workings meet your expectations and vision for what modern living should entail. We encourage you to creep on us and see what kind of quality we place into these modern dwellings. Once at the Showhome, our team will help you find answers to all of your questions. We will provide you with both types of opportunities to live and breathe the UrbanAge lifestyle; pre-build or spec built. You can pick a model and your own interior and exterior selections from our many colorboards or you can find a spec home that is in the midst of construction and ready to move into quicker as per your needs. Our colorboards are heavily scrutinized by none other than our UAH familia. Our visions are brought to life through these colorboards and we could not be more stoked to share them with you and your own familia. At the Showhome we will also provide you with information on lot availability and timelines. We look forward to seeing you in Showhome!

The Idea

UrbanAge Homes Modern Ideas

As industry passion maniacs ourselves, we know that behind any great set of plans and any great home is an equally great concept, with a vision to guide the project from inception to completion.

Ideas always precede revolutions. Our belief in simple ideas presenting themselves as the best solutions is expressed in our minimalist, function-oriented designs. Of course, the idea should reflect who it is you are and what it is you demand from your home or living space. Whether transforming a room in your existing home or creating a new custom home, a living space should reflect the unique character of the people who inhabit it: you and your family.

We understand that when updating a space created for a different generation, and a different world, simple solutions can be far from obvious. We listen carefully, and at length, to exactly what it is you need from your space. Good ideas are arrived at patiently; good ideas make for spaces both functional and stunning. Unique and effective ideas are the foundation of our process.


UrbanAge Homes Modern Design

UrbanAge has been quick to establish our reputation as skilled and cutting edge designers of modern YEG homes. Our design team works to honour and stay true to the idea that inspired the project.

Our modern designs emphasize clean lines, spaciousness, clarity and function. We strive to add curb appeal and value, not cost. Whether designing a space for modern professionals, creatives or the family home, our designs are made to support and affirm all that your modern life entails. We believe that the home is a canvas given life and color with UrbanAge designs.


UrbanAge Homes Modern Construction

Construction is the part of our process where your home begins to take recognizable shape. At UrbanAge Homes, only the highest quality of materials and industry-standard procedures are used. We believe that homes ought to be made to last; so, with quality and innovation in mind, we are building today’s modern homes to become the classic character homes of tomorrow.


Contemporary Retreat

With the project complete, all that’s left is to live in the space we have created for you. By seeing projects through their entire lifecycle – from potential land acquisition or subdivision, to inception and design, through to architecture and construction – we are confident that you will be as stoked as we are with the quality and liveability of the space that you will be proud to call Home.

Modern Spec Homes

While majority of our homes never make it to the point of hitting the MLS market, we strive to offer our recent advanced workings that only require the turn of a key; ready for you and/or your family to move into and start living the modern life with an UrbanAge Home. We also respect that perhaps you and family can’t take the time or commit to the level of engagement required to design a custom home; maybe you’re looking to move as soon as possible. Maybe – and it wouldn’t be the first time – one of our spec homes resembles the home of your dreams. Whatever your reason for pursuing a home on spec, we have got you covered with a variety of our sick homes in locations throughout the city.

Modern Spec Home
UrbanAge Homes Custom Modern

Custom Homes

Many who know us and know how we roll, realize that we don’t care much for vanilla – the sameness, and frankly boring, state of suburban housing. Vanilla is for ice cream cones, yogurt and milkshakes. We’re all for the individual rising above the crowd. Dare to stand outside the box, not to be creepy or weird but simply to be better and strive for something unique that reps what you are all about in life. Life is too short for us to follow. We want to call for a revolution in the modern home, in YEG homes in particular. Of course, the most important agent in the revolution against the bland and uniform is none other than you: yes, you!

Custom housing refers to the design, architecture and construction of unique, modern homes and spaces brought to fruition by the force of your imagination.  In our infill and custom estate markets, the UrbanAge team works passionately with clients to ensure that their modern homes, kitchens or basements are built to both of our expectations, as we believe they should be made custom for you. Whether working in infill home development, skinny homes or modern design modifications to older character homes, what separates us from the competition is our commitment to reflecting your vision for your space.

Show Homes

Unsure about exactly what it is you are looking for in your home? Visit one of UrbanAge’s existing showhomes today for a small taste of what it is like to enjoy life in one of UrbanAge’s modern homes, equipped with all the fixings of modern luxury and the relaxed function of modern, minimalist design. Creep on our website to find locations and hours and then creep on us by visiting  we love sharing our spaces and vision with all of our visitors.

UrbanAge Homes Modern We Are Open

Our Gallery

Our online gallery is a collection representing the breadth of our work and who we are. We hope you see the evolution and dig what we do. Images of our designs from the exterior and interior offer a well-rounded view of what it is UrbanAge homes offers. A quick glimpse of the interiors of our homes reveal only a fraction of a home’s potential. Of course, they should at least serve to get your own ideas flowing…Enjoy!


Craving a revolution or evolution to the good life you already have carved? Feel free to creep on us or learn more by visiting one of our Showhomes.

For sales or infill information contact Richard Nault directly to discuss your modern recent advanced working.


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