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Our Creed

Everything Extraordinary

Nothing Ordinary

Everything extraordinary, nothing ordinary is the motto we stand by.

In a world trying to mould square pegs for square holes, we are calling for a rebellion.

We believe your home should be reppin’ your kicks, your vibes and your personal brand.

Our legacy

Comfort in Simplicity

Building is a passion at UrbanAge Homes. It is not a widget; not simply a house or project but rather it forms part of our legacy. We specialize in building recent advanced workings, modern homes that fall outside the realms of being vanilla. Our contemporary home designs are inspired by modern minimalism that lends our living spaces breathability, flexibility and flow.

Modern home design is all about combatting congestion. Our response is to find ways of incorporating changing lifestyles in the burbs and mature neighbourhoods of Edmonton and the surrounding areas, and radically infuse into every aspect of an UrbanAge Home. Life is benchmarked on quality. A home should also rep this by finding ways to bring the outside in and provide a modern home that people love living in.

So if you also feel that housing needs a radical revolution to create something more…simply that…more. Take this journey of rebellion with UrbanAge Homes and find a way for your home to represent how you live your life.

What is Infill Housing?


In urban planning, infill is the re-dedication of land in an urban environment, usually open space, to new construction. Infill also applies within an urban policy to construction on any undeveloped land that is not on the urban margin. The slightly broader term “land-recycling” is sometimes used instead. Infill has been promoted as an economical use of existing infrastructure and a remedy for urban sprawl.

We acquire the lot and revitalize it with our modern homes (recent advanced workings). UrbanAge combats potential neighbourhood eyesores and creates modern living opportunities in beautiful, historic sections of the city. Infill development gives us the opportunity to offer you new homes in a wider range of neighbourhoods throughout the city, catering to your lifestyle, profession, interests and passions.

UrbanAge Homes believes that infill housing is an essential part of modern urban development. Home building inside of existing, approved subdivisions within cities involves direct communication with city planners. We work carefully to design and construct homes that best suit the existing character of a neighbourhood, and its evolving needs, all while providing the comforts and amenities expected of a modern home.

The Burbs

Modern Advnaced Workings

Bringing modern advanced workings to the Burbs is an exciting element for UrbanAge. While the process of obtaining an UrbanAge Home in the Burbs may differ from the infill process, the result is the same – an opportunity to live in a modern home where every detail is mined by the principles of the company. Where the design and floorplans are structured for people that are tired of conventional, for those not willing to accept second-best, for those who want something that is largely not available elsewhere.

UrbanAge offers a variety of models to select from. Colorboards for interiors are pre-vetted whereby UrbanAge capitalizes on its experience and vision to compile material and colour relationships that lead to award-winning designs. Simply visit one of our Showhomes to learn more about how the process works and where you can get your hands on one.


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